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Business Development (E-Volunteer)


Online placement (E-Volunteer)

Start Date: Ongoing

Length of Placement: 3 Months

E-Volunteers typically spend between 2-10 hours per week depending on project requirements

Language Requirements: English, French or Spanish Level 5-Fluent

Open to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada Only


The E-Volunteer’s Role

Your skills can have an international reach and global impact – just by volunteering online!

We’re inviting candidates with a Business Development, Accounting and Finance background to apply for upcoming online placements.

We need your expertise to help our local partners around the world increase the impact they’re making in their communities by sharing your insights and expertise.

You will use your knowledge and problem-solving skills to address critical issues. Partners may be supporting entrepreneurship, employment and income generation of rural women, small-scale entrepreneurs, families, marginalized populations, refugees and the larger community.

Please be advised, duties, education and essential requirements may vary by partner and project.


Business Development e-volunteers will:
  • Enhance the services offered by our partners by accessing the current strategy, developing an improved business plan, and steps to implementing the strategy to increase the number of beneficiaries.
  • Support new entrepreneurs by facilitating online training in areas such as business strategy, management, planning, etc.
  • Develop organizational tools that can be utilized for improving business operations
  • Report on the progress of different initiatives, collect and analyze results and provide recommendations on lessons learned.
  • Provide support, coaching, and mentoring where necessary


Accounting e-volunteers will:
  • Gather, review, and analyze current accounting data and trends
  • Reconcile bank statements, bookkeeping legers and financial discrepancies
  • Prepare the asset, liability and capital account entries
  • Enter accounting information to document financial transactions
  • Generate the standard monthly, quarterly and yearly reports as requested
  • Conduct research and provide detailed recommendations on areas of improvement
  • Guide the partner organization by coordinating activities to improve staff capability (such as training on tools developed, plan of action for continued tasks or new software implemented)


Finance e-volunteers will:
  • Collect, record, and analyze current financial information using spreadsheets while seeking trends or errors
  • Summarize current financial status by preparing balance sheets, profit and loss statement, and other reports
  • Generate regular financial reports using income and expenditure data and assist in the presentation to managers
  • Review current processes of tracking financial data and and create more efficient methods
  • Work with staff members to gather information and find solutions to any discrepancies
  • Improve staff knowledge by providing training on newly implemented financial procedures or tools developed


Essential Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree/diploma in business, accounting, finance, or related field
  • License or certifications to support qualifications


Essential Background:
  • At least 3-5 years work experience in related field
  • Must be a team player with excellent communication skills
  • Exceptional planning, organizing and attention to detail
  • Ability to work reliably in a virtual environment


About E-Volunteering

Cuso International’s e-volunteering program welcomes new and returning volunteers to work with our international program partners and volunteers remotely. E-Volunteering offers many of the benefits gained from international volunteering, while having the extra advantage of fitting into one's regular weekly schedule without needing a passport. Contributing and giving back to a community, gaining new skills, and making new connections are common benefits of e-volunteering and for Cuso International it is a great opportunity to engage more people in its mission.  

E-Volunteers are expected to supply their own basic home office equipment, Internet and have a moderate knowledge of computer technology. Some of our partners are located in remote areas with unreliable internet connection. In addition, for some of our partners, this is their first experience working with e-volunteers so flexibility and patience is a valuable e-volunteer characteristic.

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Additional information about our e-volunteering


About Us and the Project


Cuso International

Cuso International is a not-for-profit development organization that works to eradicate poverty and inequality. Each year, we mobilize hundreds of volunteer professionals to work alongside local partners to maximize their impact through capacity building. We work in partnership with governments, civil society organizations, multilateral agencies and the private sector to develop and deliver programs aimed at advancing gender equality, promoting the empowerment of women and girls, and improving access to and quality of economic opportunities for young people.


Project - Sharing Canadian Expertise for Inclusive Development and Gender Equality (SHARE)

Cuso International will deliver the Sharing Canadian Expertise for Inclusive Development and Gender Equality (SHARE) project, with a contribution from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) over seven years (2020-2027). SHARE aims to improve the economic and/or social well-being of the poorest, most marginalized and vulnerable people, particularly women and girls, in developing countries, with a view to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to increasing engagement of Canadians in international development and key global issues, this project will aim to increase the performance of country partners to deliver more inclusive, innovative and environmentally sustainable development initiatives that advance gender equality, in support of the action areas of Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy.


Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Cuso International works with poor, vulnerable and marginalized people, mainly women and girls, to eradicate poverty and inequality. We understand the need to uphold and enforce the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

At Cuso International, we believe that all people, regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed (religion), sex, age, record of offences, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity or disability have the right to live lives free of harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse.

Cuso International considers all forms of harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse to be incompatible with fundamental belief in the human dignity of all people, international and national agreements and standards, and with its core values. Cuso International volunteers must agree to uphold the Child Protection, Prevention of Workplace Violence, Prevention of Workplace Harassment and Discrimination, and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Polices and Code of Conduct.

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